Friday, 13 September 2019 11:04

Special guests visiting HOPE-A at Thessaloniki International Fair 2019

A special visit was paid on Sunday 8/9 from the president of political party KINAL “Movement for Change” Mrs. Fofi Gennimata. This indicates a great interest in the innovative technologies and products that LTFN & OET possess and present. Assistant Professor Argirios Laskarakis, responsible for the group of Organic and Printed Electronics of LTFN, briefly informed Mrs. F. Gennimata about the lab's activities, achievements and innovative technologies in research of this sector.

Mr. Darios Dimitriou, Business Development Manager of Organic Electronic Technologies, presented the innovative products of the Greek company, which cover the fields of Energy and Lighting, Automotive, Buildings, Sensors, and Smart Packaging. The president of KINAL was impressed and wished the best of luck, while she mentioned that she is looking forward to seeing the development of these state-of-the-art products and applications.

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