Tuesday, 01 October 2019 17:36

Zero defect manufacturing Workshop, 24 Oct. 2019

Zero-defects manufacturing (ZDM) or is an emerging paradigm aiming at going beyond traditional six-sigma approaches in highly technology-intensive and strategic manufacturing sectors through knowledge-based approaches. It’s about “first time right, and always right”.

ZDM brings most added-value and benefits at mass customization and one-of-a-kind production as well as a complex and changeable manufacturing context. ZDM can radically increase productivity at multi-stage/single-stage levels and can bring system-level improvements at the shop floor.

ZDM puts together monitoring and control, inter-stage correlations, multi-sensor information, and advanced analytics, in order to act on defects repair, in-line reworks and proactive prevention.

This zero-defect manufacturing event brings together key stakeholders that will shape the future landscape of European manufacturing.

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